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Getting Started With Online Security

Although security online is better than years ago, it’s still a very big concern. Whenever you log onto the internet, you are putting yourself and your devices at risk of a cyber attack. Cyber criminals are scheming as we speak to take your life away. They look for your social security number, your credit card information, and any information that they find useful, if they don’t completely shut you down! It’s horrifying, isn’t it?

Protection from cyber criminals

What can you do to protect yourself against the modern day cyber thief? A stolen identity can surely mess up people’s lives. Where is Robin Hood when you need him, right? Yes, well, and in either case, to prevent the bad guys from invading your cyberspace, you must follow a few basic, common sense, security online and privacy tips:

• Get creative with your passwords and make them David and Goliath strong. Some say the longer, the better and to use characters and numbers more often. However, refrain from using numbers in sequence and never, ever save your passwords to your computer. A good example of a strong password looks like this: oH12pRYz58*13!Ho575943^
• Minimize your shopping online to a select and reputable few. Make sure the retail site has the safe symbol in the search engine box and use websites that enforce security online and privacy policies.
• Consider an security online service, if you will, to keep your private business private. You can purchase virus and security software to protect your cellular devices or wireless devices that way, or you can download a program directly from the web. Receive updates automatically without interruption that stop spam, adware, spyware and identity theft.

Security Online Protection

A good security online protection service or program is like having a home alarm system. It lets you relax knowing you and your family are protected during the course of the day or evening. It warns you of a possible intruder and goes to work defending you and your investment.

An anti-virus program is critical to your devices’ well-being. The signs of an honourable security online protection program are:

• Destroy viruses, malware and malicious spyware
• Stops harmful emails and attachments
• Prompts when attempting an unsafe website or URL
• Is fast and reliable

Security Online advice

The importance of updating software is sometimes taken for granted until there are glitches in the system and it starts to malfunction. A cyber thief lives for those little holes in security. However, security forces are on to them. Complete updates as often as possible if they are not automatically set for take off.

You should have the option of turning ‘updates’ on or off during the installation process. Another tip is to get rid of programs you did not install or that you don’t use anymore. If you hadn’t heard enough advice about security online, keep reading to find out more.


Take extra precautions

Be extra cautious about viewing emails from unknown individuals or downloading an attachment. You have to watch out for hackers on social media platforms such as Facebook as well. The hackers sometimes send new friend requests or send out contaminated videos and pictures to your messenger.

Avoid unsuspected pop-ups like the plague. Don’t click on the link, post or picture. In fact, close the window and or try pressing ALT + F4 to close the browser. It wouldn’t hurt to shut the system down for a few minutes, but do not restore last browsing session.

These are certainly the basics and to someone just getting started with security online, it’s enough information to prevent some attacks from happening.