Why You Should Worry About Pokemon Go

Have you given any real thought to the game, Pokemon Go? The trend has not settled as players continue the craze of hunting down this character. While the game may seem harmless on the surface, some people think Pokemon Go has some dangers that players should consider.

The fact that Pokemon Go brings a crowd of people, not just kids, to a particular place and time simultaneously, is a tremendous reason why you should worry about Pokemon Go, especially when playing the game at night. It makes you question who else is playing a game… possibly lurking in the darkness while you stand there focusing on capturing this little cartoon-like creature.

Why worry about Pokemon Go?

Perhaps, we should be thankful to Nintendo and to those who are directly responsible for pursuing this activity as it brings families together and gets them out of the house. It’s a free interactive application that you play using a smartphone. Pokemon go is simple to use and it’s actually amusing, so what’s not to love about it?

Hunting down Pokemon could mean you need a tracking device to find out where the location is. Often times, these hot spots are close enough that you could walk or run to the next position. In the world of Pokemon Go, this is beneficial for the player and it means winning, however just as you are able to use a tracking system, so are others. If you are in a position where your phone’s security and individual trust are issues, can you see why you should worry about Pokemon Go?

The release of Pokemon Go

Upon its release, Pokemon Go signed over 10 million users in as little as seven days. Who knew it would break records? By the end of July 2016, the daily average of users outnumbered those who use Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. What’s more exciting is that the companies took in over $75 million due to in-house purchases such as Poke Balls, but here are the facts that you should worry about.

Also at the time of launching, Pokemon Go players gave Google, Nintendo and Niantic access to their personal data, possibly without realizing it could have an adverse outcome. When you give thought to this revelation, you become aware of the real dangers around this game. Maybe the person prowling isn’t after you or your loved ones, but rather something else.

Think about all of the personal information found on your phone. We store pictures, emails, text messages, address and phone numbers of customers, clients, organizations, attorneys, physicians and government officials even, on our phones… it’s all in there.

With your permission

In the beginning, when someone would sign up for Pokemon Go using Google, they also consented to give Nintendo and Niantic total access to their accounts and personal data. This meant social profiles were at risk as well. A person’s web search history and location were visible long before the user played one, single game.

This was an oversight and error, which received prompt attention. Management verified this glitch and immediately went to work submitting an email assuring users that only basic profile information was being used or collected. Subscribers need not do anything but keep playing.

Designers, fakes, and phonies

Not only was there a glitch in Pokemon’s registration, but some people are making their own versions of this game and are infecting hundreds of individuals with viruses that could harm the user. Pokemon Go entertains around 21 million US users per day, according to a survey completed in July 2016. With this in mind, users should be careful to only download directly from the official site and not from a third party. Do not involve yourselves in applications, which are not affiliated with Google, Apple or Nintendo.

For additional safety, we recommend that parents join their children when playing this game. The more adults participate, the more they are familiar with how you play the game, how people view it and the possible risks.

The associated risks

The truth of the matter is that at least 11,000 people have suffered injuries at the hands of Pokemon Go, but when a group of evil minds gets together disaster strikes. This is such the case with one unsuspecting teen when his lifeless body was recovered by authorities. Another gang robbed a bunch of Pokemon addicts by luring them to a specific location or “Pokestops.” This, people, is why you should worry about Pokemon Go.

To lessen the risks of foul play, only go out with a group of responsible friends and only go to those places that are familiar to you and your party. Do not go out at night. Pokemon Go is a game and it’s not that serious. Be fully alert, sober and aware of where you are or where your loved ones are at all times. Pay attention to where you are going and if something doesn’t feel right, leave! Your gut instinct is your best advisor, so listen to it. Please, don’t be a statistic… refrain from playing Pokemon and driving.

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