Will NoSQL Databases Lead the Way of Web Development

Will NoSQL Databases Lead the Way of Web Development?

Will NoSQL databases lead the way of web development? What’s your opinion? Idealistically speaking, should the professionals who deal with data security have some power when it comes to adding applications to a database? The decision should be based on performance, cost, security and availability.

What Makes NoSQL Databases Outperform?

There’s no doubt about it… the world is filled with busy people. Keeping an ear to the ground for the latest news and developments is a must for those interested in innovative and sharp technology. Their techno world could change to NoSQL databases in a moments notice.

Wondering why the change? It’s because new science is designed to match the needs of social standards, cloud and mobile applications as well as analytics. A NoSQL database that has superior technical attributes for certain kinds of applications can optimize speed or scalability.

The same databases handle unstructured data easier as well. This is especially good because it will streamline the process due to the fact that the alignment between data structures and the application models are closer.

It’s not uncommon that most of these (new) databases are developed as an open source. As a result, they are responsive and do offer basic security. However, a vendor would handle advanced features, security upgrades and distribution.

Remember Those Large SQL Injection Attacks?

SQL injection attacks in 2012 were responsible for over half of the data breaches revealed, according to research completed by X­Force. The number of breaches has declined since then, however, it remains one of the primary onslaught agents used.

The Heartland Payment Systems data breach of 2008 spooked tons of individuals and companies as 100 million credit and debit cards were under seize. This was the largest cyber crime recorded at that time. And what was at center of the blame, but SQL injection? That’s just two reasons why SQL injections are at the banner of many forum discussions as a weakness.

How Not to Have a SQL Injection

The answer is simple for some ­ SQL injection defense software. Others argue that a more solid defense is along the lines of input validation. Having this framework in conjunction with SQL injection will prevent criminal escapades, not SQL injection alone. Still the remaining few believe that whitelisting will decrease attacks.

What’s Bad About NoSQL Databases?

NoSQL… what does it mean? Simply, it refers to a database that doesn’t support SQL as the API language and it may not have the standard features of a SQL database. With a NoSQL database, referential integrity cannot be guaranteed.

In order for a database to securely store information, it should provide positively all three units of confidentiality, integrity and availability or CIA. Data should always be available, however only to those who are authorized to use it and those exercising integrity and confidentiality.

Sites such as eBay and Twitter are faced with the responsibility of handling tons of information. They rely heavily on availability and scalability, which are essential requirements to their databases. Other considerations are as follows:

● NoSQL databases incur content as documents, graphs and column, whereas SQL databases are table based.
● NoSQL databases are horizontally scaled vs the vertical scaling of SQL databases.
● NoSQL databases have a spontaneous schema for ambiguous data and SQL are predetermined schema.

For a multitude of servers to distribute data, virtual data rooms have enlisted the use NoSQL or non­relational database management systems. In light of this, will NoSQL databases lead the way of web development? Maybe, but remember this; relational database security is the best choice when it comes to NoSQL security as NoSQL doesn’t reflect the integrity or confidentiality of relational database security systems.

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