WhatsApp: Proved To Be Secure Enough

WhatsApp: Proved To Be Secure Enough

What’s WhatsApp?

It’s been put to the test and WhatsApp proved to be secure enough. We are the generation of “smart” device users and as smart users, we want things to work securely, whether we texting, talking, sending photographs or video chatting.

The WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging app that allows people to exchange views, opinions, gossip and hot topics around the world without having to pay high cost telephone bill or for SMS. What’s more is that you can define a group and send those people your best selfies or cute shots of the new puppy along with audio messages.

Sign into WhatsApp Online

If you are like most people, it’s highly possible that your phone is within reach at all times. People spend a lot of time online checking for emails, specific alerts and even the latest social status updates. WhatsApp is applicable with Android, Nokia, Windows Phone, iPhone and Blackberry. In addition to being mobile, there is a WhatsApp desktop version.

Maybe you are one of the billions who link up with a social media site that lets you chat within your circle of friends privately. Platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, FaceTime and Skype allow its users to chit chat from anywhere in the world free of charge. These applications are mobile friendly so you will never miss the chance to include your loved ones in on those silly once-­in-­a-­lifetime moments. All you have to do is sign into WhatsApp online and you can laugh as hard and as long as you want to.

WhatsApp for Smartphone

These applications are all great however, some people find that WhatsApp has more to offer than others in its class. You can get a WhatsApp free download and touch base with your family, old and new friends. Of course, for the Apple users, there is a WhatsApp messenger free download for iPhone and WhatsApp for iPad, but that’s not the best thing about the WhatsApp application.

You should always install the latest update to the WhatsApp if you are using the program. Never miss the opportunity to stay on top of security and bug fixes. This will ensure that your software is functioning at its best. The end-­to-end encryption is only available to those who have upgraded their program.

WhatsApp Security

One characteristic is really impressive of the WhatsApp security and that is once a message has been delivered and read, it is never kept. WhatsApp will never spy on you. Your conversations are your business. WhatsApp will never allow a third party to intrude on your privacy either. That’s the power of WhatsApp.

Let’s face it. Many intimate moments happen online and that’s one of the reasons why WhatsApp incorporated the end-­to­-end encryption. Only you and the person on the other side can read the content of your messages, not even the staff at WhatsApp.

To view the content, a person would need to recover a specific key and that occurs automatically. These WhatsApp features add to the security of the application. Not every messaging application extends this courtesy. Nope, they are not all alike. Some feel that some are better than the rest. Let’s look at these brief comparisons.

WhatsApp Review and Comparison

WhatsApp is compatible with the Nokia, Android, iPhone and Blackberry giving you more choices of who you can chat with unlike Facebook Messenger. With Facebook Messenger, only those who have a Facebook account can talk to each other. With WhatsApp, users can converse in a group or send MMS (videos, pics, share contacts).

Skype is great for those who use it and want to spend money. You can only Skype with others who have the Skype application. However, you can do what they call Skypeout, in which communicating is not free. Still, it’s mobile friendly and can be used on the PC. As a Skyper, you have the option of choosing your contacts or who you accept messages from. The WhatsApp doesn’t have this attribute.

FaceTime is exclusively for Apple wireless users and is for video communication only. The one drawback to FaceTime is that it’s not usable in 3g.

Snapchat is much like WhatsApp in that it doesn’t store messages either unless you choose to keep them. Studies are showing that plenty of people prefer Snapchat due to its ability to do everything – send and receive videos, chat and post instant and twisted selfies.

Well, there you have it in a nutshell. Now that you know WhatsApp proved to be secure enough, what app will you choose? Comment below and tell us your favorite mode of texting or sending precious moments.

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