WatchDox by BlackBerry

Watchdox by Blackberry

WhatchDox is a great and secure virtual data room. It was created by Blackberry smart phones manufacturers, so usability and advanced mobile friendly software was a key goal of this VDR.

Today WhatchDox is a highly secure space for information storage and sharing with impressive security features. The room has the protected sharing of documents and sync capabilities with Microsoft Share Point and Windows File Share. It is also equipped with special security features like remote documents expiration, security compliance protocols and data encryption, visual document tracking option, watermarks on documents and role-based restrictions.

WhatchDox gained its popularity in B2B segment, being a top class virtual business space, developed for enterprises and deals of any scale (M&A, Real Estate, HealthCare, Financial services and even Hollywood films production studios are among WhatchDox clients).

Most of WhatchDox clients underline its high online protection level and a smartly installed set of business features. Deals with Watchdox will be run more efficiently, producing solid time savings and effective use of financial resources. When you use this room from smart phones, tablets, and even 3rd parties devices, it is also protected with an advanced security system.

Free trial is available upon request.

Dan Henrix, Avalon Industry Co.

Being a fun of Blackberry`s smart electronics, I was eager to try WhatchDox for investment projects. And it didn`t disappoint me. The room is just great. A security system of a very high level, almost a military level, I would say. Several protection features make me confident in sharing of confidential data with the help of WhatchDox.
Rate: 5/5

Valerie Thompson, Q&Q Estate Group

WatchDox is a secure and functional online space with all needed features for storage and sharing heavy files. Role-based project management system, tools for communication, restrictions and special views for documents upload are available. It is a good option among top rated VDRs.
Rate: 4/5

Samuel Grey, Magnat Investments Capital

I recommend this Virtual data room to friends and especially business partners, due to its advanced system of data protection. The space is really protected from any data leakages. Security compliance protocol was useful to check suspicious activities. With this VDR I can remain confident in sensible documents sharing.

The room is equipped with all features needed for running deals: quick downloads, bulk easy uploads, activities tracking, online chats, and others. It is a good choice for sure.
Rate: 5/5

Simon Race, OptiMediaAge Ltd.

Virtual data room from WhatchDox is a good option for different types of deals. We use it in business, where tons of data should be shared among operators in different parts of the world. In terms of simplicity of usage and speed it is a good choice. A menu is intuitive, a set of tools is standard: drag and drop files, Q&A section, bulk uploads. Mobile version is smartly designed.
Rate: 4/5

Linett Allerton, Rainbow Nation Investment Group

A nice online VDR space. It has a good data protection system, all needed features for easy deals running and cooperation with big volumes of data. All in all, it offers a good set of functions for regular price.
Rate: 4/5