Merrill DataSite

Merrill Datasite

Merrill DataSite is an IT business data storage system, which was developed by Merill Corporation. Virtual Data Rooms from Merill were developed with a deep understanding of business processes and global expertise. As a result, its VDRs are characterized by multi –layer data protection system, a quite wide set of features for documents management and a multi-language 24/7/365 clients support team. Merill DataSite is a good choice for financials, bank managers, small and medium size business owners, loan specialists and investments projects leaders. It is also used by several wealthy families to keep all their data, both personal and business, in a secure way.

A secure business environment is reached in MerillDataSite by several data protection features: dynamic watermarks, documents expiry, users and documents restrictions, two-factor authentication, anti-virus scanning and others. A security compliance of the system is proved by numerous Security certificates.

When it comes to the process of getting started, it is easy and intuitive. This virtual data room can be easily installed and has a standard set of features, as files drag and drop, bulk uploads, Questions & Answers sessions, customization with brand`s visuals and others.

Thus, Merill DataSite is a superb quality online tool for successful and competitive deals fulfillment. A usage of this virtual data room makes a company ahead of competitors, and helps to avoid risks of data leaks and other pitfalls of a deal-making process.

Steve Raidler, Ocean Asset Investments

A good VD room, its list of features is quite okay. Price/quality ratio is good, but don`t expect too much. I have experienced more technologically developed virtual data rooms, but they are more expensive and in some way more complex to use. I’d say, this platform is ok for new users, who have to deal with simple transactions.
Rate: 4/5

Rosalie Ketcher, data analyst, Royal Investments Group

I would recommend this online data storage space for a similar business of financial advices. The room is perfectly developed for easy cooperation with documents of different types. Search in text, files drag and drops, special restriction for a group of users are some of the features, which were mostly used by me. The system is well tested and it can be used without any fear. Security options are quite good.
Rate: 4/5

Agata Khune, Senior Project Manager, WhiteLine Corp.

Totally satisfied! Data is securely stored and shared. This platform has been for a long time on the market and it has proved its good reputation. We have been using VDRs from Merill Corporation for a quite long time, mainly for internal processes. No negative feedbacks from managers or partners. A good choice when you are looking for a highly secure yet rather simple to use VDR solution.
Rate: 5/5

Ann Watson, Financial advisor, WaterHouse Ltd.

Nice room for deals running. Automated document`s version control is available, no need to check it manually. A protection system makes me confident about data security, as there are a lot of additional options to protect data.
Rate: 4/5