Intralinks Dealspace

Intralinks Dealspace

IntraLinks was one of the first Virtual Data Rooms on the market. Online rooms of this provider are successfully used by thousands of companies from different business areas: M&A deals, financial services, Biotech, Energy Industry, Real Estate, Investment sector and others. It is a top quality room, making it a really good choice for due diligence process organization online. VDRs from IntraLinks are packed with advanced capabilities. They have been on the market for a long time, constantly being upgraded to meet all consumers` requirements. Moreover, VDRs have a lot of useful business management tools, like Q&A sessions and online conferences possibility, documents access, based on user`s project role, set of document-filtering features and an advanced and detailed activities tracking system.

This provider pays lots of attention to security issue. It protects its rooms with an advanced security system with several protection layers. You can order a free trial and a personal training to run the room efficiently from the very first day. Its technical support is available 24/7/365.

Roberto Deregibius, CEO, Alfa Gas Inc.

IntraLinks has a good platform for business owners. It is an advanced and protected space for data storage and sharing. I like its set of analytical features, which helps me better understand all the issues, see my project`s summary with all activities tracking. It will be also good to add possibility of documents adding during online communication sessions. Other features are perfect.
Rate: 4/5

Emma Blake, Senior Project Leader, ADV Investments Inc.

Highly recommended! We use it for very confidential projects, where data leakage can cost millions, with IntraLinks you can be sure that all your data is always protected.  It offers a lot of security features, which you can use to defend your data. It also boasts a really useful set of project management options, making the project easier to run.
Rate: 5/5

Helio Walszek, Managing Director, ADT Media Group

This VDR is designed for business effective processes. Easy to use, very helpful staff, bulk uploads, and good protection features, like watermarks on documents, IP time limitations and other restrictions based on user`s identity. A good room for sure!

Rate: 5/5

Paul Robson, Earth Funds Investments Gr.

Our company has been using IntraLinks for many years, since first VDRs started to appear. We never change this provider as it gives all features we need: a storage system is very organized and very comfortable to use, a lot of business features, which make the deal-making processes run faster and easier. It’s a top rated VDR and it boasts a number of successful deals.
Rate: 5/5

Charlotte Adams, Managing Partner, Financial Leaders Company

I like the protection level of the room, a defended access policy and possibility to set users` rights and restrictions during cooperation with documents. It also has a nice set of tools for easy communication with partners. The only minus of this VDR is its price, a bit too high comparing to other operators on the market.
Rate : 4/5

David Brain, Spectral Company

A very nice choice for M&A business deals, this virtual room is equipped with all needed for deal-making process tools and features. And it also guarantees a high protection level. A-level service!
Rate: 5/5