iDeals Virtual Data Room

iDeals Virtual Data Room is more than an advanced system of data storage. It is a powerful, secure and holistic IT platform, smartly designed for business solutions sector. A leadership position of iDeals VDR was gained due to a highly protected security system with eight user access permission options, a long list of effective security features for data protections: a special fence view of documents, watermarks, passwords for folders and files and etc. Another strong capability of this provider is a wide range of business functions and tools, like Microsoft Office Integration, a strong set of analytics functions for project audit, a handy possibility to leave comments under files and download files during online conferences.

The room was constructed with the aim of transactions time reductions, so it is very fast and easy to navigate. Another bonus is in its flexibility, no need for additional applications or plug-ins downloading. iDeals VDRs can cooperate with all types of web browsers and OS and can be incorporated into clients` infrastructure. An advanced VDR`s functionality together with strong clients` support with 24/7/365 access makes this provider very popular among the professionals from financial, real estate, medical and pharmaceutical industries,. Plus, it’s great for venture capital deals, government orders and others. The platform offers a 90-days free trial to test all functions and evaluate room`s capabilities.

Kirsten McCan, Financial Controller, Sunrise Capital

The room from iDeals was chosen due to its banking type of security system, based on several data protection options. As we use a platform for a highly confidential financial data, it is the most critical point for our company. Moreover, this platform appeared to be excellent in other business functions. A smart choice for sure!
Rate: 5/5

Karim Vatve, Managing Partner, Deli Investment Group

It is a good choice among virtual data rooms. We enjoyed everything: from fast and flexible software to an impressive number of special features. It makes deals run easier. Possibility to upload files during Q&A session was a great function, making communication with our partners more efficient. Security is on a very high level.
Rate: 5/5

Amaya Tigliao, CTO, Dragons Capital Group

Highly recommended for business owners and deals makers. A structured system of data storage, easy bulk upload possibilities, user-friendly interface and information sharing options. I like the functionality very much.
Rate: 5/5

Noy Schindler, Senior Project Manager, Otium Group Ltd.

iDeals developed a nice and secure product. This online room is constructed by business thinking developers. Our company operates with big number of projects, and a number of project management tools are very wide in their VDRs: I appreciate the possibility to edit files online, full integration of MS Office, role-based system of project running. I want to additionally mention their tracking system, which we use very often due to its good and self-explanatory analytical charts. A great choice for project managers!
Rate: 5/5

Thomas Geo, Corporate Controller, ATM Electricity

iDeals is a great service, which offers a fast and easy tool for documents storing system creating and sharing. Our project team can be always updated with relevant and actual documents and information. Client`s team support was very helpful in organizing some special structure for documents storage. And the biggest benefits of this provider are security guarantees.
Rate: 5/5