Brainloop Secure Data Room

Brainloop Secure Dataroom

Brainloop Secure Dataroom is among top rated providers of virtual data rooms services for business segment. The provider gave its virtual rooms an enterprise level of security system, enriched by several online data protection tools. Among them is data encryption, anti-virus program, watermarks with project leader info, single-use PIN code generation for a room`s access. Collaboration with internal and external partners online can be done in a safe way with Brainloop. The platform has clients in different industries and for different purposes: biotech, real estate, government projects, M&A deals, bankruptcy, litigation and others.

Virtual rooms from Brainloop are very flexible and support all operating systems: Android, MacOs, Windows. For big companies there is a possibility of VDR`s software integration into client`s infrastructure. The room offers all needed features, such as projects audit, Q&A module, bulk uploads, and possibility of restrictions setting for some users, easy navigation and full text search are also available.

What makes this multi-task data repository different from others is that a lot of processes are automated, auto versioning, for example.

Peter Male, Malvish and Partners LLC.

I enjoyed using Brainloop. The room is well equipped with a lot of features for deal management. Security is guaranteed. No minuses, only pluses were noticed.
Rate: 5/5

Tim Spacey, Financial Analyst, Smart Solutions Co.

The online room was tested during several projects by our Company. The room`s protection level is quite high, special security features give extra defense for sensible documents. M&A deals can be run very effectively with the help of this business documents repository. Partners were always updated with the most relevant documents versions, downloads and uploads operations are very quick.
Rate: 4/5

Marie McKinsey, Global Ideas Enterprise

Easy to navigate, easy to install and easy to use. A menu is self-explanatory;  project management options are very useful. Drag and drops files option, bulk uploads, online chats and audit functions help us efficiently run any project.

It is a good choice even for the first online data storage room, no special training is needed.
Rate: 4/5

Rory Gibson, West Invest Group

Brainloop is a smart choice among data storage systems. It is a decent solution for its price, for sure. As our business requires a highly secured space for documents share, data leaks can cost us huge sums of money and reputation, we can afford ourselves to use only the most protected rooms. Based on 2 years of experience we believe Brainloop is a trustworthy and well- protected room with very professional security system for such confidential deals. Strongly recommended.
Rate: 5/5

Nelly Karuso, NPDI Industry

Nice option for due diligence. The platform is well organized; all functions for an effective deal-making process organization are available. I would like to mention its highly professional and supportive clients` service team. However, it is a little bit overpriced when comparing to other rooms.
Rate: 4/5

Fernando Gonsales, Lionet Media Group

It is a top quality room, I use almost all features. Audit functions help me easily monitor the status of every project. Microsoft Office is integrated, so the room is like a mobile online office with all needed programs.
Rate: 5/5