Security Awareness & Intelligence

Security Awareness & Intelligence

You'd think everyone would take advantage of free security awareness tips in light of the necessity for security intelligence technologies. Perhaps it's not that you don't want protection but rather you are imitated by the language. In the world of corporate security intelligence, operations can be quite different and difficult to understand. It's fair to say that security decisions are directly proportioned to the businesses' standards and activities. Nonetheless, the outcome of such logic should equal unparalleled enterprise security intelligence. The underlying theory is that all businesses are created equal and all are susceptible to being robbed of their valuables. With this in mind, we should welcome helpful security awareness tips.

Seriously... the Dailymotion got hacked?

Cyber criminals expose millions in the Dailymotion hack. Dailymotion, a video streaming site, has over 85 million users and their email addresses are compromised. The Alexa rankings hold the Dailymotion as being an extremely popular site. It's ranked 113 in the most visited websites internationally. This security breach could be a wake-up call for many in the market as experts and professionals in the field are reminded of the possible consequences this could have. Lately, it seems as though there is an epidemic of security outbreaks. It makes one wonder if it pays to invest in advanced security intelligence technologies? It's all TalkTalk Wired released a conversation with Javvad Malik, a security advocate with AlienVault in which Malik said that “a company doesn't need to hold financial information or any other form of overtly valuable data to be a target.” At the same time, the BBC has evidence of another breach. This time, TalkTalk, a broadband provider in the UK, and its customers are walking on eggshells as they are at risk. What lies ahead for these customers and the people who commit these crimes?

Legislation increases fines

It's been a long time coming, but the time has finally come that the EU's data protection rules have changed. In April 2016 the EU Parliament put the stamp of approval on the proposed legislation and set new and better rules that will protect its residents. This change is a major step for businesses across the board. They apply to everyone who has private information on its employees and customers. From now on, businesses will suffer the consequences of being non-compliant.

Preventing security breaches

It seems that the best way to catch a thief is with a thief. You must think like a criminal in order to stay ahead of the game and stop hackers from breaking into your private lives. The best way to help prevent online criminal activity is to train and to educate. Just providing the basic security training will enhance user ability. Let's check out 5 security awareness tips that everyone should know in order to help prevent a possible threat: Teach employees the identifying marks of a scam artist and scam sites • Advise individuals to open junk email with caution • Forward the implications of a phishing scam and how to spot one • Learn what information can third-party websites ask and learn the ones to stay away from • Remove terminated employees from access lists and those who no longer are in positions that require usage Read more practical advise in this section.