Industry announcements

Industry announcements

In the tech world, every time you blink a new trend emerges. This sector is constantly changing, and there is nowhere near enough time in the day to digest all the latest news. Yet if you aren’t keeping up with the latest developments in computer security, you could be missing something huge.

Here are just a few of the types of news stories that every computer user should be checking on a regular basis.

Corporate security news

Corporate security is not just about keeping companies safe, it also involves identifying potential threats, preparing for unforeseen dangers, and being constantly aware of the latest security issues in the corporate world. And you can’t do any of these things by living in a bubble. By keeping up to date with the latest corporate security news, you will know in which areas your company needs to bolster its protection, and how to avoid the latest hacking scams.

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Cyber security news

This can refer to the damage or risk of damage to computer hardware or software, but more recently cyber security news has been more focused on the cloud. Large-scale hacks have targeted everyone from government officials to celebrities, causing untold damage along the way. As more and more people turn to the cloud for cheap and easy data storage, cyber security is becoming an even bigger threat than ever before. Cyber security news can alert you to incoming threats so that businesses can learn from each other when it comes to online security.

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IT security news

Information Technology, or ‘IT’, covers a galaxy of different topics, from software, to coding, to server maintenance, to the physical computers sitting in your office. Every company of a certain size has their own IT network and a team of computer experts who keep it running safely and quickly every day. By keeping on top of the latest IT security news, these teams are able to focus their attention on the areas which are most at risk, and better protect the network with which they have been entrusted.

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Information security news

Increasingly, corporate value is tied up in the information which they possess – whether that is a network of business contacts, a million-dollar idea, or a series of algorithms. The loss of this information could spell the end for your company, and yet many business-owners would be shocked if they realised just how vulnerable their information actually is. From cloud-based scams to good old-fashioned theft, information hacking is a big business, and it is vital that all companies take it seriously – particularly those businesses who hold most of their information online.

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Data security news

Data security has been grabbing plenty of headlines in recent years thanks to a number of high profile breaches in the US. When data is leaked, there’s very little you can do. You can strengthen your defences all you like, but when its gone, its gone. Outright prevention is the only option when to comes to data protection, so data protection professionals can’t afford to lose track of the latest trends and issues in the sector.

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