Virus & Malware

Virus & Malware

Thank goodness for locks, security codes and online virus protection. Sometimes, it hits me in the middle of the night and I reach for my phone to check my email for a response or something and fall back to sleep, leaving the application running on my phone. That's like leaving the door to my home wide open while I sleep and this is dangerous! Many of us take care of personal business online, which can include balancing the checking account. Perhaps your job entails a lot of research, making the internet the go-to tool for much of the current information on any subject. If we are not web surfing for one thing, we are certainly searching for another so we must be careful not to catch a bug. Although the internet is one incredible and highly intelligent concept, it also brings out the best in criminal minds. With these things in mind, we all know that without online virus protection, we're screwed.

Virus and Malware Hall of Shame

Are they still trying to trick people with the phony phone call from the tech at Microsoft? It may seem like a lame idea, but the immediate threat is that they will ask for the person's banking information and user account information and sometimes, they get it. This can be somewhat disconcerting if it's your first time experiencing such a matter, but don't give in to them. The 'agent' will tell you that your machine has a virus and that the issue must be resolved right away but he can only do so for a fee. Don't give this person the time of day. There is also the 'blue screen of death.' This freeze is potentially worse than a low budget horror movie. They fool people into thinking that their computer is locked and next they give you a number to dial. It's supposed to link you up with the manufacturer, but instead, you'll reach the hacker. Shame on you, guys.

The latest viruses and malware threats

If you're wondering who's immune to theft and invasion, you should take a look at the newest viruses and malware threats and see if they are familiar to you: FBI Virus. The FBI Moneypack is a scam. It may seem as though it's an official message, but that's far from the truth. Without guilt, you are urged to ignore its claim that you have violated the Copyright and Related Rights Law. Firefox Redirect Virus. This is a vicious attack on your device. You'll know as it automatically redirects you to a website, not of your choosing. Suspicious. Emit. This little booger or Trojan horse attains remote access to your already infected wireless device and does severe damage. As it stands today, we can secure and even view our homes with a touch of a button using our phones, you'd think they'd come up with a foolproof security plan or an infallible virus protection software.

Online Virus Protection

It's 2016 now and wireless devices are more prevalent than ever. Almost everyone has one as you can tell if you were to look among the crowds. Notice the people with their heads down while others take selfies and pictures of the tantalizing views before them. Users surf and send without much regard to safety and this can leave us open and vulnerable to the latest viruses and malware. Essentially, we should ensure that all of our wireless devices have adequate security and not just the home computer. I mean, let's face it - without online virus protection, we're screwed.

Who Has The Best Online Protection?

Often we shy away from acknowledging the technical aspects of owning a computer and storing personal information, but we should embrace it. Instead, you would rather hire someone to deal with those issues and although it could be expensive, owning a wireless device without online virus protection could cost you a lot more. A computer’s best friend is the virus removal tool. McAfee is one of the best-known names when it comes to online virus protection and malware removal. The experts at McAfee are able to link remotely to your device and help you through the process of restoring systems to normal without having to block off an entire day of work or activity.

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